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Factor Ocio is a consulting company,We are a consulting company specialized in the development and execution of projects with the aim of advising and accompanying our clients in the implementation of comprehensive solutions in the field of tourism, as well as supporting the tourism circle formed by the following lines of action:

  • Creation of new touristic products of new tourist products and redesign of existing ones from the resources available in a certain area.
  • Segmentation market according to the tastes and preferences of potential customers.
  • Promotion and tourist revitalization to improve the competitiveness of the destination.
  • Commercialization of packages and experiences channeled through diverse and innovative distribution networks.

Our predominant service is consulting, both strategic and technical, based on technological solutions for the members of one of the most popular sectors of the moment, tourism.

We have a team of expert professionals in the fields of tourism, new technologies and administration, and we work with external collaborators belonging to prestigious companies in the sector, which allows us to achieve the ideal balance to optimize the management of our business work.

We are supported by the success stories and the good execution of the work carried out throughout our intense professional career, the result of which is the continuous expansion we are currently in.

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