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A few years ago, investigating the supply and demand in the tourism sector, particularly in inland areas, we note that:

  • First, travel agencies lacked a system that allowed them to bind any proposals for tourist destinations, so they could provide prompt and efficient service to its customers.
  • On the other hand, rural facilities needed support that will facilitate the marketing of its services and / or products.

Thanks to such a detailed study that we conducted and as a result thereof, the detection of needs to satisfy two major industries, the company was established and with it, your first line of action: Wholesalers of Tourism Rural and Naturaleza.

Today in Entertainment Factor positioned in prominent tourist products wholesale operators and national and international, and we lead the market, mediating between a high percentage of travel agencies interested in offering indoor and establishments in rural areas and nature.

Our products are characterized by a segmented marketing and microsegmentada experience, adapted from the current tourist profile.

Exploitation of the touristic resources

Factor Entertainment, characterized by concerns of growth and modernization, we found that in some places there is a great potential but need a counseling process that appraise existing resources or even discover opportunities that so far no one imagined that could be implemented .

At present we have implemented successful projects that have become destinations being passed unnoticed in interesting tourist attractions, drawing with it the growth of tourism and creating many jobs.

Promotion of the destinations

After success as Tour Operator and leveraging the knowledge and experience acquired in the tourism sector, we decided to take a step entering in the promotion and marketing of tourism destinations.

The aim of these actions is to present destinations with little influx of visitors to a greater number of customers and accelerate their growth considerably.

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